Service Overview


Service Overview
Operational Analysis
Procurement Support
Project Management





Analytical Decisions offers a number of project-oriented services. These can be grouped under three main headings:

  • Operational analysis
  • Procurement support
  • Project management

This page gives an overview of each of these. Follow the links to get more specific information and examples of how some of the services have helped other clients.

Operational Analysis

Analytical Decisions offers a variety of complementary operational research-related services that include:

  • process design and analysis
  • trials design, management and analysis
  • data analysis
  • value engineering analysis
  • simulation, modelling and emulation

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Procurement Support

Analytical Decisions provides a spectrum of high quality procurement support services. These include:

  • requirements elicitation and capture
  • budgeting and estimation (including software development)
  • specification writing (including requirements management tools)
  • tender assessment
  • service level agreements
  • due diligence audits

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Project Management

Analytical Decisions offers a number of project management services including:

  • goal-directed project management
  • metrics-based project controls
  • quantitative risk analysis
  • quality assurance audits

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