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Analytical Decisions Ltd offers major businesses the highest quality decision-making and policy implementation support. Founded on rigorous, analytical methods, you can depend on us to provide a secure basis for defining and shaping a better future.

We offer three complementary services that together can support you from the development of new concepts, policies and strategies right through to implementation:

  • Operational analysis
  • Procurement support
  • Project management

All three services are based on the use of robust, analytical techniques that lead to clarity of vision and measurable results.

Why Analytical Decisions?

Decisions are necessary in every walk of life and are most often made on the basis of experience, common sense and an implicit "model" of the situation. For much of the time this is perfectly adequate. But when the situation is new or unusual, complex or of strategic importance, it is vital to have a more secure foundation.

The heart of Analytical Decisions' capability is our expertise in developing and using appropriate analytical models that provide you with the framework and results for making well-informed decisions.

Our models and simulations can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, for example:

  • testing business strategies before committing resources
  • reducing annual planning cycles
  • optimising existing processes and resources
  • demonstrating new systems or concepts to colleagues and clients
  • managing complex projects
  • value engineering

...and in a variety of domains, such as:

  • business and finance
  • technology and engineering
  • management and organization

While some models do have to be highly complex, our aim always is to provide the most effective solution for the question at hand. To do this we choose carefully from a palette of tools and techniques and, if necessary, develop new approaches as well.

Moving from concept to implementation

Our ability to develop, quantify and define new concepts is of value in helping you to decide policy and strategy issues. We are able to support you in the implementation as well.

Our procurement support services cover topics such as budgeting and estimating, writing requirements specifications, assessing tenders and conducting due diligence audits. We specialise in helping clients to procure technical systems, including software intensive developments.

We are also able to manage programmes and projects for you. Analytical Decisions brings a well-defined, rigorous project management approach based upon tried and tested management by objective principles. This is combined with the use of relevant metrics to ensure as objective a view as possible of the state of the project.